Dusk Life

Three Sarus Crane start taking rest as sunsets in the background.

Oh Dear Love!

Love and care are the force of life, it connects all the living world. A male rose-ringed parakeet brings fruits (Humans=job) and give it to a potential mate. If the offer is rejected, the chance of this poor male to raise a family will be reduced.

New IPCC report is out!!

New IPCC is report is out. Detail report can be downloaded from the IPCC website. IPCC Special Report on Climate Change, Desertification, Land Degradation, Sustainable Land Management, Food Security, and Greenhouse gas fluxes in Terrestrial Ecosystems Highlight Human use directly affects more than 70% (likely 69-76%) of the global, ice-free land surface. Land also playsContinue reading “New IPCC report is out!!”