Patience for Life


“Corona is making humans learn the quality of being patient or else become the Patient”

God Space

God in its all form are part of every human culture. In some they have no form, in some they imagined in human form only. If one tries to understand why humans have faith in god it is possibly because of forces of nature. It is also evident from god of ancient civilisation. For example many gods either are representing a natural force or they are worshipped in their natural form, best example one can think of the SUN god. Sun god has been an important part of every ancient civilisation. Other examples include god of rain, Mother Earth, god of water, god of fire and many more. This also seems a valid very  right to consider forces of nature to be God as these forces are only responsible for creation and care of life on the planet.


The Road Tree

We may not realise the importance of a tree on the mid off the road, but it is for many. A road tree becomes a shelter for homeless in the night. During summers a biker or pedestrian enjoys its shelter. Many insects, birds and other creature either use this as home or as a stopover. Most of don’t realise that it benefits most of the humanity particularly resident of a city which usually is devoid of trees. It humbly cleans up the air we breathe and preserve the water we drink while continuously tolerating our mindless activities (read pollution, soil erosion, tree deformation and waste generation). These two life supporting services are enough to make us thankful towards this wonder of nature, a tree, A ROAD TREE.

I tolerate what you can’t.


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