Our Home, Our Planet, Our Lives: The Earth

Let’s take some time and see our own home and residents of this planet. Celebrate the joy of diversity in life. 

Backyard Birds

We may not realise but some of the amazing diversity can be seen in your close quarters. It may be a small park, a road side tree or your own home garden. You just need to be little observant, try to listen or see any movement and I am certain that you will be faschinated by the diversity you miss on daily basis. Here are some birds which you possible can see in proximity of your own home.

I am Beautiful: Peahen

Canon EOS 1200D42978_FotorCanon EOS 1200D42979_Fotor

Peahen displaying beautiful colours. However it is to be noted that peacock is usually considered more beautiful then peahen, as a male has to be more attractive to prove its worth to a female.

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